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The Kitchen

The Central Kitchen

Fulfilling Every Craving Since 1964

Our Philosophy

Service is an art

Having the perfect setup is only one fundamental aspect of the operation; the food preparation is another one. Mastering the principles behind cooking methods allows you to improve and enhance your current dishes.

Each bite you savor from Socrate is the result of a devoted team working in harmony. Behind the Scenes More than 160 dedicated employees work with skill and team spirit delivering to our clients’ great flavors in each & every meal.

Everyone in our big family understands the need to maintain our reputation, for us our heritage is a source of pride, but also an indication of our commitment to excellence.

In keeping with ISO international food safety legislation, Socrate’s central kitchen was designed using the very best materials and modern technology. The state-of-the-art kitchen covers 4,000sqms and can prepare 5,000 meals on a daily basis, making it one of the largest kitchens in Lebanon.

The Dining Experience

Running a successful kitchen requires not only efficiency and productivity but effective use of materials, equipment and manpower. Throughout the 57 years of experience, Socrate has mastered the productivity of its kitchen.

From the Executive chef down to the dishwasher, an organized structure making sure everyone has a specific responsibility to secure a smooth and dynamic workflow.

The art of cooking is about preparing perfectly cooked, flavorful dishes.